I am a 24 year-old librarian to be.  After two years as a Language Arts teacher, I left the classroom, became a full-time nanny for a lovely baby boy, and applied to graduate school.  Starting in July I will once again be classified as a ‘student’, a label which has identified my existence for 18 years.

I grew up in midwest America in a small suburb of a mundane city, and went away to college in another equally dull and rather uninteresting town where nothing of great importance happens (except for that one time that the National Guard killed a few students 17 years before I was born).  After this, I moved into my tiny apartment in a vast, enthralling city where I rather enjoy exploring on my bicycle (trying not to die or cause other deaths), cuddling with my kitten, chasing my kitten in the front bushes when he escapes, and playing football and kickball in the park.

Things I Enjoy In Life:

  • memoirs
  • torturing my body running endless miles
  • summer outdoor concerts
  • picnics
  • frisbee at the park
  • riding my bike through the streets of downtown while attempting to not cause any wrecks
  • hyperbole
  • the warmth of the sun sinking into my skin
  • bubble tea
  • my writer’s notebook
  • sushi
  • coffee (preferably disguised; by the time I’m done dressing it up, it hardly bares any resemblance to the black-chalk-like beverage it truly is)
  • curling up on the couch in My Little Mermaid sleeping bag
  • roasting marshmallows
  • swimming in the lakes of various state parks
  • simple harmonies

2 responses to “About

  • savesprinkles1234

    I also like many of the things on your list, although I’m no longer much of a runner. I’ve been pretty rough on my ankles and knees! I do love to swim and hike. I see that you’re reading The Time Traveler’s Wife; are you crying yet? Nice blog:)!

  • alligatorsbite

    I’m not crying… yet! I’m a little over half way through. To be honest, I’m not much of a cryer. (In fact, as I grow one of my biggest fear is that my estrogen levels will rise in a crusade against me in an effort to make my typical response to stressful stimuli a horde of tears breaking forth through the floodgates.) I have been next to tears at two occasions in the world of story telling:
    1. The Glass Castle. I balled.
    2. Disney’s Pixar’s Up. I definitely fought back tears. My niece was not amused.

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